6.36 CAD - 743.64 CAD

SDS-MAX Floor Scraper

With one piece shank.

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SDS-MAX Floor ScraperMFS
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SDS-MAX Floor Scraper

SDS-MAX Floor Scraper

  • Convenient one piece construction
  • For removing tiles & other flooring
  • SDS MAX SHANK (fits all major Rotary Hammers)
  • Large 6” scraper blade
  • Replacement parts available
  • Tile remover
  • Form scraping
Part No. Description
CHI MFS 6″ X 25″ SDS MAX Complete Floor Scraper W/Standard Blade
MFS BLADE Replacement Blade for Floor Scraper
MFS KIT Replacement Blade, 2 Gaskets, 8 Washers, 4 Nuts, 4 Bolts
MFS GAS Floor Scraper Gasket
MFS WASH Floor Scraper Washer
MFS NUT Floor Scraper Hex Nut
MFS BOLT Floor Scraper Bolt

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