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CRACKFAST® Crack Repair Kit

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CRACKFAST® Crack Repair Kit

CRACKFAST® Crack Repair Kit

  • No messy putty
  • Easy step by step instructions
  • For vertical and horizontal repairs
  • Convenient port holders on side of box
  • Cartridges fit standard caulking guns (UCAN PA100 recommended)
  • Seal Cartridge 300ml 2 pcs
  • Resin Cartridge 250ml 2 pcs
  • Seal Mixer Nozzle 2 pcs
  • Seal Applicator Fan 2 pcs
  • Cartridge Outlet Plug 2 pcs
  • Resin Mixer Nozzle w/ Extension 2 pcs
  • Fit Connector 1 pc
  • Injection Port 16 pcs
  • Pair of Gloves 2 pcs
  • Wooden Spatula 2 pcs
  • Instruction DVD

PA 100 Tool Extra

For CrackFast video click here


Part No. Description
CFK 100 CRACKFAST Crack Repair – Complete Kit
PA 100 10oz. Manual Dispensing Tool (High Ratio)

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