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U-Drive® Anchors

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Hot dip galvanized, heat treated spiral shank nail-in fastener for concrete & most masonry.

(Packages of 100) one drill bit included with each 100 anchors

  • Originally tested by Factory Mutual - Reference report # J.I. OK3A7 .AM (4450) October 25, 1984

Regular Pack - 100

Part No.Anchor LengthFastens up toPkg. Qty.Case Qty.
INS 1181-1/81/81001,000
INS 1121-1/21/21001,000
INS 2211001,000
INS 2122-1/21-1/21001,000
INS 3321001,000
INS 3123-1/22-1/21001,000
INS 4431001,000
INS 4124-1/23-1/2100600
INS 554100600

Magnum Pack

Part No.Anchor LengthFastens up toPkg. Qty.Box Wt.
INS 118M1-1/81/81,00013
INS 112M1-1/21/21,00016
INS 2M211,00021
INS 212M2-1/21-1/21,00026
INS 3M321,00031
INS 312M3-1/22-1/21,00038
INS 4M4350021
INS 412M4-1/23-1/250023
INS 5M5450025
Magnum pack do not include drill bits