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Hex Washer Head

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Zinc Plated
Also Available with RUSPRO® Coating

Hex Washer Head Screws with Bonded EPDM Washers

Part No.SizePointDrilling CapacityCase Qty.
THW 1034BN10-16 X 3/43.175/7 ga3,000
THW 1234BN12-14 X 3/43.210/5 ga3,000
THW 121BN12-14 X 13.210/5 ga3,000
THW 12114BN12-14 X 1-1/43.210/5 ga2,000
THW 12112BN12-14 X 1-1/23.210/5 ga2,000
THW 122BN12-14 X 23.210/5 ga2,000
THW 1434BN1/4-14 X 3/43.220/4 ga3,000
THW 141BN1/4-14 X 13.220/4 ga2,000
THW 14114BN1/4-14 X 1-1/43.220/4 ga2,000
THW 14112BN1/4-14 X 1-1/23.220/4 ga1,000
THW 142BN1/4-14 X 23.220/4 ga1,000
THW 143BN1/4-14 X 33.220/4 ga1,000
THW 144BN1/4-14 X 43.220/4 ga500
Assembly available for most screws ranging in diameter from # 8-14,
length from 3/4" - 2-7/8".