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Toggle Bolt

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The UCAN Toggle Bolt is an ideal anchor for fastening into any hollow material. This fastener is manufactured from high quality zinc plated steel with wide bearing arms to create excellent load transfer on the back of the base material. The toggle bolt is available in diameters ranging from 1/8" to 3/8" and bolt lengths up to 6". Its truss combination head style is suitable for Square socket or slot drivers.  Toggle heads only are also available.

  • Heavy duty nut, redesigned wing and spring
  • Fully assembled unit
  • Suitable for fastening into hollow base materials
Typical Applications: 
  • Light fixtures
  • Wall or ceiling hangings
  • Decorative fixtures
  • Hand rails
  • Toggle heads can be used with threaded rods for metal deck applications

Toggle Bolts with heavy gauge wing and nut

Part No.SizeDrill Dia.Pkg. Qty.Case Qty.
TOG 1821/8 X 23/850500
TOG 1831/8 X 33/850500
TOG 1841/8 X 43/850500
TOG 31623/16 X 29/1650500
TOG 31633/16 X 39/1650500
TOG 31643/16 X 49/1650500
TOG 31653/16 X 59/1650300
TOG 31663/16 X 69/1650300
TOG 1431/4 X 33/450300
TOG 1441/4 X 43/450300
TOG 1451/4 X 53/450300
TOG 1461/4 X 63/450300
TOG 3843/8 X 4125150
TOG 3853/8 X 5125100
TOG 3863/8 X 6125100

Toggle heads only

Toggle heads only
Part No.SizeDrill Dia.Pkg. Qty.Case Qty.
TOG H181/83/81001,000
TOG H3163/161/21001,000
TOG H141/45/81001,000
TOG H383/811001,000