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Yellow Plastic Plug

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Economical plastic plugs for light loads. This plug can be used in masonry, plaster and even hollow walls to support light loads. 

Typical Applications:
  • Electrical installations
  • Curtain rods
  • Light fixtures
  • Smoke alarms
  • Mirror clips
  • Towel bars

 Also available in UCAN Super Pak

Yellow Plastic (Wall) Plugs

Part No.SizeDrill SizePkg. Qty.Case Qty.
UYP 484-6-8 X 7/83/161007,200
UYP 8128-10-12X1-1/41/41004,000
UYP 121612-14-16X1-1/25/161001,200

Yellow Plastic (Wall) Plugs - Bulk

Part No.SizeDrill SizeCase Qty.
UYP 48B4-6-8 X 7/83/1640,000
UYP 812B8-10-12X1-1/41/418,000
UYP 1216B12-14-16X1-1/25/1610,000