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HammerCap™ System

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The UCAN HammerCap™ combines all the inherent safety and reliability of the capsule system with much easier and faster installation procedures.  After a Hammer Cap is inserted into a prepared hole, the installation is completed by simply driving a straight cut threaded rod or rebar dowel behind the capsule with a hammer.

  • Stress free fastening
  • Pre-measured components in a sealed glass capsule
  • High load capacity
  • Suitable for reinforcing bars of any configuration
  • Simple installation by hammering action only
  • No angular-cut or pointed end required, installs with straight cut rebar and threaded rod
  • Excellent resistance to vibration
Typical Applications:
  • Rebar and threaded rod dowelling
  • Close spacing and edge distance applications
  • Structural rehabilitation applications
  • Replacement of damaged or incorrectly positioned cast-in anchors
  • Not recommended for uncured concrete (less than 7 days of curing).

Ucan Glass Capsules, containing measured amounts of resin, hardener, and aggregate, are an easy, clean method of installing anchor rods and dowels.

Ucan HammerCap™ System

Part No.SizeThreaded Rod Dia.Drill SizeHole depth for Rod
HAC 10M10 X 903/87/163-1/2
HAC 12M12 X 951/29/164
HAC 16M16 X 1255/83/45
HAC 20M20 X 1153/47/85
HAC 24M24 X 21011-1/88
HAC 30M30 X 2601-1/41-1/213